Friday, July 6, 2012

Time:  Friend or Foe?

Most would think time has not been a friend to me.  I am at least a year behind in this blog.  The year 2012 has not been a good one.  Yes, I know this blog has nothing to do with me, but it has everything to do with Jace,  and how his little life has been affected.  So, let me catch you up to speed...

At the end of last year, Jace's implant failed.  There was a recall on his specific device, and sure enough, his failed as well.  Since then, it has been removed and re-implanted.  Thankfully, he hasn't seemed to mind the silence.  In fact, he may have even welcomed it.  After all, this house is filled with kids and dobermans; most days are extremely loud!  The good news is that he is hearing again and is well on his way to learning to speak.  Here are words he says:


red             (reh)
go              (oh)
no              (oh)
1,2,3         (wah), two (oo), three (ee)
mom          (mom)
help           (hah'-p)
want          (wa)
please        (pa)

He continues to excel in listening activities.  I have posted his newer mapping sessions on you tube, for those who are interested.  We have continued speech therapy every Tuesday at GBMC.  The staff there is absolutely compassionate and driven to help Jace become all that he can be.  I honestly feel they are right beside me as I try to mold and challenge Jace, in his character and his auditory skills.

On the flipside, 2012 has been a very challenging year for the entire family.  Ron and I separated at the end of March.  This may come as a shock to many as we may have appeared to be happy 'together'.  The truth is, we have always been great together as parents. Unfortunately, as husband and wife we were indeed lacking.  Despite the marital discord, the kids remain to be our biggest priority.  We have been able to work together for their benefit, to try and make this sad transition a smooth one.  As crazy as it may sound, I think the kids are handling things pretty well.  We definitely have our moments of chaos, but for the most part, love (and time) is still the biggest healer.  Listening to their hearts, wiping the tears, lifting a chin to a kiss, and encouraging a smile are the only things we can do as parents.  The rest is up to God.  And because I prayed over these little ones since they were growing in the womb, I believe God has this covered.

My health has suffered a little as well throughout this transition.  It is quite humbling for me to admit a weakness, especially in the 'health department'.  Those who know me, know that I am pretty diligent about eating clean and working out....not so much lately.  In May, my body kind of fell apart~thankfully to nothing very serious.  I won't complain about it because I know too many people out there are truly suffering from much more painful, even deadly illnesses.  My point is, I may have needed this awakening.  Here is where time may have been a friend after all...

All my life people have told me that I needed to slow down.  To take more 'down time'.  I played the 'beat the clock' every day.  How much I could get accomplished was my DAILY goal. Cleaning, errands, bills, yard work, phone calls, texts to friends... Until my body shut down. Literally. I can remember praying for God to show me what to do.  I was starting to question everything I had learned~in my life, in my church... in myself. But it wasn't until I HAD to shut down all of the 'factory conveyors' (for lack of a better term), that I realized it wasn't about me at all.  It wasn't about what people thought of me.  It wasn't about how clean my  house was, how well  I trained my kids, how in shape I was, or what I could do in a days' time.  What matters the most is my consistency in a daily loving and supportive attitude to all my loved ones.  Maybe time WAS a friend after all!  I was more worried about my self worth and what I could do to feel good about myself.  Funny how time time can be a friend or foe...It's all in how you value 


Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your sweet family, Shannon. I miss you all!
Take care of yourself,

xiaoni Tang said...

Thank you for your truely love to Jacy and thank you for your endless patience to Jacy.Hope you will get though all difficulties and live in happy forever.greet from China.

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